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About Us

Twin Ridges Elementary School District Values:

Educational practices that operate on the principle that success fosters self-esteem and self-esteem fosters success.
A belief that each student is gifted because each student is a gift.
A dedication to practices that are inclusive and relevant.
Educational practices that focus on high standards utilizing cohesive and rigorous, research-based curriculum, instruction and assessment.
A traditional and innovative approach that integrates a broad curriculum, including the fine arts, service and knowledge and celebration of place.
A deep fostering of creativity to promote academic growth and development of self.
Recognition and integration of diversity as a source of strength.
Celebration of academic, social, emotional, physical and cultural development of student.

Twin Ridges will promote this learning through the arts, technology, community service, place-based projects, and through traditional methods of instruction. The schools collaborate with local agencies and organizations to create ties between the district and the community.